The work of the jury is concluded. The winners will be announced at the Award Ceremony on September 24, starting at 09:30 in Sala Piatti, Bergamo, during Landscape Festival activities.

All participants are welcomed to attend the Ceremony. The organization has reserved a free admission for September 24 for those who entered for Land Award.

LAND AWARD is an International Landscape Award with the aim to reward excellence in this field and recognize the value of significant international projects which give a major contribution in the dialogue between nature and artifice, growing a widespread awareness on the transformation of cities, territories and places of living overall. The aim is to reward the projects that have generated a positive contribution in people’s quality of life and in the integration between art, architecture and landscape.

The award will bring out realized projects which, by looking at both the national and international scenario could stand out as valuable examples of transformation of territorial transformation on different scales.

The award will focus the attention on projects capable of add «beauty» to the places of intervention. A millenary tradition teaches us that beauty and territorial transformation could and should coexist also in the complexity of contemporaneity.

The promoters share that landscape represents a key element in the reading and interpretation of contemporary territorial dynamics. The policies of territorial conservation, enhancement and use, increasingly experienced and participated by citizenship, are more and more placed at the center of the action of the institutional entities governing the territory.


Within the aforementioned field of attention, the private, public or collective space naturally constitutes the connective tissue and the privileged place for public art, to which citizens increasingly pay attention in the desire to regain the spaces of encounter, of dialogue between nature and culture to the point of extending and contaminating every discipline of contemporary thought applied to the project of the city and the territory, to rethink and regenerate the collective spaces that structure them.

The Award covers only realized and finished projects and is structured in the following sections:

Urban Landscape

Art and Landscape

Private Landscape

Rural Landscape

Mountain Landscape

Green Product Design


Cooperation and social inclusion

Light design of public spaces

Energy and Landscape


Corporate Landscape

Projects can be submitted for one or more of the above categories. It will be up to the unquestionable judgment of the jury to define the reference category.


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